Serenity Imaging Day 3

Another hour last night from when the stars came out until the mosquitos drove me indoors.

Successful alignment with Arcturus and Altair (after 3 attempts), pointing within 1/2 degree and tracking well.

Humidity was high, transparency was worse than poor, seeing was poor.

The full moon was just coming up on the eastern horizon and Jupiter was about to disappear between our Oasis Ash tree.

I’ll not include as many technical details as this is still a work in progress and commissioning still requires a few more steps before it settles into “normal”.

Still using a 90 degree diagonal and asi120mc camera at f10. In coming days, the diagonal comes off and the x2 barlow goes in.

Jupiter is showing only the main bands, no real surface detail

Saturn at or near transit is showing one surface band, no cassini division.

Mars *is* showing some surface detail, mainly the south pole cap and some dark mares in the southern hemisphere.