Some years ago we realized that the increasing height of the sugar maple tree and two ash trees near the SCG Observatory would cause us to relocate the observatory farther away from them and the house. This past month we took the first step in building The Serenity Imaging Platform, a small 4’x4′ Observatory that would be used for remote imaging.

Starting with deck blocks on gravel on limestone rock, built up with 2″x8″ joists and a 7/16″ OSB floor, walls and roof.
Walls were 2″x3″ framing on 24″ on center. The dual doors on the south side had reinforced framing of 2″x4″ and the top of the walls had an additional 2″x3″ top plate. Doors were 2″x3″ and 7/16″ OSB. In both the roof and door cases, the OSB was overlapped against the other portion to provide no gaps.
support arms for the roof were 2″x2″ and ropes are used to open each side of the roof. One side of the roof is longer than the other and overlaps it.
In addition, pipe wrap was installed on the top roof edge, to protect the exposed OSB and also to seal the roof gap better.
After a noreaster storm pushed some rain into the gap between the roof and wall, we added a strip of 4″ flexible weatherstriping to stop that infiltration.

Power (110vac) and data (cat6 ethernet) was buried to it from the nearest source and it has now had 3 days of imaging platform commissioning.. another few sessions and it should be operational! Two coats of paint were applied to the outside of the OSB. We are considering painting the inside as well, especially the floor, to protect the OSB against moisture, dew especially.