I have been looking forward to the opposition of Jupiter for *ages*. Unfortunately I do not yet have my dream setup and am cobbling together anything that will capture photons.

Last night was 1st light with an old Meade LXD55 tripod and mount, an old Meade 102mm F10 1000mm FL, a newer asi 290mc camera.

I do not have the cables to talk to the mount yet (its a serial 4 wire cable with a narrow RJ9 jack, not the “regular RJ11” standard phone style jack). It would have been nice to be able to command the mount from inside the house as the mozzies were insane last night. We were decked out in bug jackets along with long clothing and still they were biting through.

Attached is the processed (pipp, autostakkert!, registax wavelets) image of Jupiter at 02:37 UTC today (22:37 EDT) that shows not too abd detail using Christopher Go’s wavelet settings.. a little overblown but it does show the surface features well.

For comparison, also attached is the stacked but not yet processed in registax for wavelets.

These are 120 second exposure runs at 21ms/frame and these are the stacked best 25% of the frames.