A few things happened over the last few days of *NOTWORK*. Gotta love those things called “holidays”!!!

The SCGO Observatory was getting a little hot in the days of the heat wave. It is a tall roof (another story) and has vents along the top but they are mostly semisealed with rubber foamies with even small holes… so not a lot of air movement.

We added two large vents with insect screen in the SE vertical sidewall, but you really need to match this on the other side for any kind of real airflow. Of course, could not find the large rectangular vents to match, so instead installed two 4″ diameter screened vents in the NW vertical sidewall. Any little bit helps!

Next weekend we hope to add powered 12vdc computer “muffin” fans to exhaust air out and put a 5watt solar panel on the roof to run them. This setup seems to work well in the tardis observatory, knocking down the peak temps a few degrees C.