Saturday night was imaging Jupiter with:

a) cleaned optics (camera window, barlow)

b) removed 90 deg adapter (gaining 10-20% in exposure times due to one less 80-90% reflective surface) AND one less Yaxis flip!

c) the x2.5 barlow (previous attempts have been x1.5 and x2

The Hartmann mask was used to focus on Vega, then moved to Jupiter for imaging.

Images runs were 120 second and exposure times were better than the 100ms the past few days, down to 90 and even 86ms.

These are the best 20% of the 1395 frames taken.

I’ve attempted to add the GIMP to the image workflow: black point, filter enhance highpass, filter enhance despeckle and colour saturation, but I can’t say any of these worked for me at all.