After almost a month of being too busy in the gardens/cloudy nights, here is the best image from last night (Sunday 2020 Sept 06) in the evening.

Most of the image specs are in the actual image, annotated with the linux based ImageMagick utilities. I have been trying to figure out the best way to annotate text onto an image, especially with different scopes, barlows, fratios, etc.
I think I have finally hit upon a method. create a text file with all of the relevant info and use it. The altitude, diameter and magnitude would not change much in the space of an hours worth of imaging. The Central Meridian will change however… still working on that one.

UT Time
Altitude=22 deg Diameter=43.5″ Magnitude -2.5
CMI=148.9° CMII=84.1° CMIII=175.3°
Meade 102mm Schmidt-Cass f25 ZWO ASI290MC frames=best 20% of 1250
Kevin Kell SCGO-Serenity Observatory Yarker Ontario Canada

and also adding in the filename itself, which contains the UTC date and time along with exposure, camera, autostakkert alignment points, drizzle factor, and wavelet settings.

At the top left is an image of the actual telescope used
At the top center is the planetary image orientation (I am a north is up kinda fellow)
At the top right is the observatory used

Line one confirms UT time
Line two gives the approx altitude of Jupiter above the horizon along with its apparent diameter and magnitude (from stellarium)
Line three comes from firecapture text file and is the Jupiter Centrlal Meridian coordinates
Line four is the telescope, aperture, fratio (native F10 but using x2.5 barlow=f25), camera and the percentage of best frames out of the total number of frames taken.
Line five is the copywrite information about myself, which observatory these were based out of and the geographic location.

Lastly I create animations out of all of the images of the night and that is shown below (click on the image to see the animated .gif).

The linux bash script looks like this:
#assumed image size is 750×750 and is .png
#2020aug17 change to serenity meade 102mm SC
echo starting annotation
echo removing spaces in filenames
for f in *\ *; do mv “$f” “${f// /_}”; done
echo change filename case to lower case
for file in * ; do lower=$(echo $file | tr A-Z a-z) && [[ $lower != $file ]] && mv $file $lower ;done
mkdir annotated
for i in *.png
echo start annotation on $i
echo add scope100 icon filename to a
composite -geometry +1+5 scope100.jpg $i a.png
echo add north icon a to b
composite -geometry +350+5 northisup.jpg a.png b.png
echo add obs100 icon b to c
composite -geometry +650+5 obs100.jpg b.png c.png
echo add text c to d
convert c.png -pointsize 14 -fill white -annotate +9+670 @annotation.txt d.png
echo add filename
convert -font helvetica -fill white -pointsize 14 \
-draw “text 10,650 ‘$i’ ” \
d.png $i-annotated.png
rm a.png
rm b.png
rm c.png
rm d.png
convert -delay 20 *annotated.png jupiter.gif
convert *annotated.png jupiter.mpg
mv *annotated.png annotated/