Imaging Jupiter last night during the Perseids, waiting for midnight to come for hopefully better and more meteor displays.

These are before and after Registax v6 wavelet processing, to show the power behind wavelets, and the fact that I still do not have what I consider ideal settings 🙁

Seeing was average

Transparency was good but got worse

Sky Quality Meter reading: 21.48 mag/arcsec^2

Meade LXD55 mount tracking below average

Meade 102mm SC F10 FL=1000mm plus a x1.5x barlow, effective FL=1500mm
No dew shield or dew heater on the Meade 102.
North is down (I normally do up)
Thesee are the best 50% of the images.

Start of run 02:48UTC

End of run 03:14 UTC

Before wavelets

After wavelets