Another night of developing imaging workflow for the Meade 102mm SC. Tonight was with a x2 barlow, taking it from FL=1000mm to 2000mm.

This small Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope has only a small coarse focus knob to move the primary mirror in and out.

That combined with a x2 barlow, cut down the exposure times by x4, meaning every time you touch the focus knob, everything shakes and blurs and does not settle down for a few seconds.

So, focus was not the best. After last nights RASCKC weekly chat, I expect everyone to be out making Hartmann masks today… I know I did 🙂

This is the last or 2nd last image of the night, before I switched over to Saturn.

Jupiter was 21 deg alt, with a diameter of 46 arcsec. The Great Red Spot was appearing… I did not see that at all in the raw imaging. North is up.

I hope tonight will see a noticeable improvement in the initial focus… that helps all the way down the processing/ workflow chain.