1st quarter moon was maybe 35 degrees away from Jupiter, the southern half of the sky was lit up by the moon with high haze.

Pointing the mount, big failure (unless Jupiter is straight down). Manually jogged over to Jupiter and then tracking was not bad (manual every 30 seconds or so). Using new Firecapture 2.7 beta! camera software with the zwo asi 290mc.

It’s not bad at all. better user interface, seems smoother, less glitchy than 2.6

No Great Red Spot in this image. North and south equatorial belts showing well, as is the equatorial zone.

As you may note, either transparency is poor or seeing is poor or both seeing AND transparency is poor! Just waiting for that once in a year timeline where we get GOOD seeing AND GOOD transparency on the SAME night!
Jupiter was 22.45 degrees altitude with an apparent diameter of 41.4 arcseconds at Magnitude -2.41
This was the best 50% of 2561 frames using 70ms exposures in a 180 second imaging run.
Focus remains quite soft using the x2.5 barlow. There was talk about adding a larger diameter knob to the focusing wheel for finer control.
The toonie sized 2 hole Hartman mask to aid in focussing does help but reduced the amount of light to levels that makes it hard to see if the image is in focus! Would work better on a larger telescoe.