After building a new hartman mask, a new dew shield, a new tripod prop, I did a two star alignment on Arcturus and Altair then went to Jupiter as it was nearing its highest altitude, due south.

Kept on getting pesky firecapture “capture failed” errors, probably due to a bad cable jack and plug connection. After the initial 30sec run, it looked like seeing was poor (Jupiter was bouncing all over the place). The next 30 second run with autoalign turned on still showed Jupiter bouncing around a lot, this time in the “z” axis, ie towards and away.

I attempted the first 120sec run of the night, had another “capture failed” and was frustrated enough to pack it in for the night. I parked the scope, closed the first roof part, and it banged up against the new dew shield. Arrg

Removed the dew shield (rubber bands) and will cut it down a bit in size for Saturday nights attempt.

The Talentcell Rechargeable 6000mAh Li-Ion Battery With Charger CDN$ 46.99 (december 2017) continues to work great. I plug it in to charge after the session and plug it into the scope for the session.

I did update the images of the scope and the observatory that I annotate into the image.

I downsized the original image just a tad and got a much smaller filesize, so have attached it here.

The lack of enough frames really shows the noise, artifacts and no real detail.