The Starlight Cascade Gardens and Observatories 1st rolloff roof observatory was built in 2003. It is an 8×10 metal shed from Canadian Tire that was repurposed. The external rails/outriggers are 2×8 originally (2003) and sistered later on for a wider track for the wheels. They have been alternately painted, stained and varathaned, all in an attempt to preserve them.
After 18 years they are disintegrating.

So the latest plan is to cap them with a metal to provide bot some protection to stop further damage, and to provide a better rolling surface for the seven 3″ wheels on the rail.
So we found some old metal infrastucture from the old metal roof shed that blew off 3 years ago and pounded them flat. They were installed and then pounded again into an “L” shape and then screwed in.

The existing 1/4 round is used as a guide/ridge for the wheels to stay on track. They were removed and then put back in place again.

So, in the end, of the two x16′ of rail, we were able to cover approx 18′.. we ran out.
Even so, the roof does move better now than before, and once we can find more material to complete the project.. Yay!