This is my *single* frame capture of the ISS transit of the moon on Thursday 2021 May 20th at 23:58:08 UTC.

The ISS is the little lighter blotch in the lower left of the frame. You can imagine two major solar panel components.

If we had better cameras with bigger FOV sensors/pixels, lower focal length of the scope or a better predicted path over the moon itself, I would have framed this and capture many more frames as it crossed.

Specs: Meade 102mm SchmidtCass FL=1000 f10 on a Meade LXD55 mount captured with zwo asi290mc camera with firecapture software. Focus was manual of the primary SC mirror using the Yoga “warrior” pose, reaching into the toosmall observatory, under the counterweights, around the camera and finally to the coarse focus knob

Processing: load up the .avi in irfanview image viewer, select options; extractallframes. It turned the 1242 frames into 1242 .bmp files. I then went through them one by one to identify the single ISS frame and kept one before and one after and deleted the rest. Then with irfanview again, changed them from .bmp to .jpg and then annotated with irfanview.. wow.. that program is becoming my goto software!