“It’s been a long time.. gettin from there to here” – Star Trek Enterprise

More specifically related to astronomy… my first substantial mount and telescope are here installed and working.
The SCGO Serenity Observatory was renovated to allow them to be used, and the first light was this morning, Saturday, between 03:00 and 05:00 EDT.

The Mount is a newtome used Skywatch AZ-EQ6GT in equatorial mode, sitting on a brand new concrete pier, and a newtome used Vixen VC200L, a 200mm f9 cassegrain telescope.
The ZWO ASI290MC camera I have had for a few years now, but was only using it on a small 102mm Schmidt Cass telescope.

This is the first light image, a 30 second run with Firecapture (no autoalign) on the mount which has not yet been polar aligned or three star aligned, just roughly polar aligned by eye in the daytime and manually driven to Jupiter. It had 2975 frames and stacked with Autostakkert! 3.1.4 and the best 5% of the frames were used. (about 150).
Regixtax wavelet processing was next where the rgb colour was balanced as well.

Annotation of the 25 images that resulted followed, and then they were combine into an animated .gif image, seen below.
All in all, a great first light. Seeing was good, transparency was poor (the Full Moon was nearby), focus was rough (using an electric remote focuser hand controller for the first time, at some distance from the display).

Tracking was excellent for a mount that had not yet been really setup. The next run will be even better from lessons learned Saturday morning.
Image exposure increased over the 95 minute session, probably due to brightening twilight sky.
Near the end, at an 11ms exposure, a Jovian moon makes an appearance.

This was the baseline imaging session, with the native F9 focal ratio. barlows will come next in the progression.
Interestingly, the asi290mc camera does not come to focus with the telescope. a 90 deg diagonal was used to bring the focusing point further out, as will a barlow.

animated 25 frames GIF