After many weeks of issues with the RadioJove v1 system, we finally got it operational again a few days ago. Some of the recording levels seemed a little low but the audio recordings showed ionospheric probes and normal background noise. The Sun has been quiet of late so there were no flares to look at and compare.

But then we received a note from the RadioJove email list from a fellow Radiojove station in Florida. A double burst was recorded:
Sun Nov. 28, 2022 Millhopper Radio Obs. Gainesville, FL
The first peak was around 17:15:00 UTC and the second burst about 30 seconds later.
So we fired up the RadioSkypipe program, loaded in the days data and started stretching the resulting graph.
We got it!

There was a lot of noise either side of the signal but it is definitely there. This would have been overlooked in the normal review of the data at the graph scales that we use. This bottom graph is ours, SCGO RadioJove.