The best of Jupiter on Friday evening, just after it went past due south az=180 degrees.

The best 5% of the run with 30K frames… I think I will reprocess the best 10%.. these look a little noisy. I’m using a 400×400 pixel region of interest and autostakkert! embiggens it by 1.5x resulting in a 600×600 pixel image.

Good: altitude, transparency above average, Wind from NNE

Poor: near full moon, seeing

Io and Europa are in this shot, with both going right to left behind the planet. The GRS (is not really so Great!) is *just* coming on the left limb.

The animated .GIF is also attached, 47 frames, and I did move the camera after a first few, trying to make a barlow work. It didn’t

1ms exposures (actually just a little less than that) from 30K frames in a 180 second run.