One of the best performances of a meteor show in years!

Mostly because there were no clouds!

For the night of Monday/Tuesday 2022 December 12/13, 39 events were recorded on


> This camera is from the University of Western Ontario Meteor Physics Group and is part of the Southern Ontario Meteor Network, and has been running with at least 4 cameras since 2004 December.
> Today there are 19 active cameras in the system from Collingwood in the north to Kincardine in the west, to the UWO campus in London in the South and now here in Yarker to the east. (Updated: Now the easternmost camera is located at the Canadian Space Agency Headquarters outside of Montreal.)
> This “system 10” was installed and operational on 2012 June 08. Images are 640×480 and are captured from a video feed.

And this is from the night of Tuesday/Wednesday 2022 December 13/14, with 134 events recorded :