Welcome to 2023, the year that is one older than the last.
2022 ended with a 2 or 3 day blizzard (we lost track inside the house). and now, in 2023 the grass is green the snow has melted but it is still cloud covered.

2022 saw Kevin complete 46 imaging sessions.
I hope to hit 50 imaging session in 2023.
I hope to complete my RASC Solar System Imaging Certificate.
I hope to complete my RASC Explore the Moon Certificate.
I hope to renovate the Serenity Observatory by rotating it 90 degrees CCW. Currently the building rolls off to the East, but still blocks the horizon above the treeline. This was too painful this past year when planetary objects appeared but could not be imaged before the clouds rolled in.

That’s about it for 2023 goals so far!
ok.. maybe a few more..
we currently run and operate:
a weather station
a superSID system
a RadioJOVE system
a raspberry pi based Allsky colour camera system
an older PC based Allsky monochrome camera system

We hope to add to it!
Perhaps one or more of the following:
* a data logging Sky Quality Meter like this one: http://unihedron.com/projects/sqm-lu-dl/
* a raspberry pi based seismograph like this: https://raspberryshake.org/
* a true 360 degree allsky colour camera, higher resolution and faster frame rate
* a global meteor network camera system like this: https://globalmeteornetwork.org/?page_id=136
* a hydrogen line radio telescope system like this: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/low-cost-hydrogen-line-telescope-using-rtl-sdr/