The first imaging session of the 2023 season! It’s actually been almost 4 weeks since the last one of 2022… cloud cloud cloud.

So, this is Jupiter, the best of about 32 runs Saturday evening. Jupiter has already past the highest altitude and was setting into the evening sky. The moon Callisto is in the lower right and the Great Red Spot made an appearance as well.
seeing was poor. transparency was poor, full moon was up and there was a good wind from the North gusting from 12-20kph, which actually moved the scope around.

As seen on the image annotation, this 180 second run is the best 10% of 15K frames, with Jupiter’s altitude of about 33 degrees.
An lastly: a compiled GIF video

The last imaging run of the evening was ruined by the gusting wind blowing the telescope right off camera. This was about 00:50 UTC = 19:50 EST. There were a few clouds going through the field of view at times and they were sure lit up by the Full Moon.