We’ve been away for a while and did not get a chance to observe at all during that time. Back home and this past Monday night August 24th was clear and cool and with few mosquitos. So we went out!

Both Kim & I visusally observed a -6 to -8 fireball around 21:15 EDT
in the west, right along the line of the big dipper handle arcing to
Arcturus but heading straight down into the west.
The cool thing is that the allsky camera got it too.
This was a 120 second exposure but the camera seemed to be cycling
betting exposures and only caught the last part of the burn, as we
saw it starting an equivalent amount above the

Another highlight was observing Neptune in 10×50 binocs and 17×80
binocs. It’s position in the star field made its mag 7.8 easy to
pick out by star hopping inside the single field of view of both
sets. Lots of easy guide stars.

That and a lot of images taken with our canon camera with 64 sec exposures:
Sagittarius and the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy looking south over the Observatory.
Jupiter in the SouthEast over Kingston.
Cassiopeia, Perseus and the Andromeda Galaxy in the Northwest.