Last Monday evening, 2011 October 24th, we experienced our first really good aurora display in many many years… maybe 7?

The allsky camera has been up for many years now but for the most part
it was solar minimum, not a lot of solar activity, CMEs or aurora.
Monday night however was quite special… the first aurora in some time,
but one big and bright enough to really put on a show, and to be
recorded on the allsky camera.

You can see it here: images are 90 seconds exposure each and the aurora
dance around a lot in the beginning of the nights run,

52 mb animated .gif

There is also a shorter, smaller one (32mb) with a few hours of cloud in the middle removed.
32mb animated .gif

The plexi dome will be washed down with some RAIN-X solution later today, in an effort to get the water drops to roll off faster and better than they do now.